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Over 25 years of being in the Industrial Minerals & Multifunctional Extenders space and creating its own Brand and recognition in various markets and territories worldwide, 20 Microns Limited has prospered standing by its customers and treating them as its Partner.
In order to offer complete solutions as a business model, 20MICRONS embarks on a new journey by venturing into a new Gateway for its existing and new customers called 20 Microns Global.
20 MICRONS GLOBAL offers a premium range of specialized Additives & Pigments for Paints & Coatings, Construction Chemicals, Printing Inks, Adhesives, Paper, Plastics and many other markets. This new range will be complementary to our existing basket of products catered by 20 Microns Limited.
Utilizing the current extensive infrastructure network of 20 Microns Limited across India and providing expert technical support through 20 Microns Govt. Approved Product Application Centre, 20 Microns Global envisages to set enviable standards for efficient and quality driven products generating a competitive value proposition for its customers.
20MICRONS GLOBAL has entered into Contractual TOLL MANUFACTURING FACILITIES in China, Germany, Korea, Turkey and other territories with some of the reputed International players already having established a mark worldwide and now entering Indian territories joining hands with 20 Microns Global.
20 MICRONS GLOBAL utilizes an excellent distribution network with fully integrated management systems providing fast, professional handling and delivery when and where you need it. We are fully compliant with, and have expert knowledge of, control regulations and business standards for the storage, handling, and transport of Additives & Pigments. For customers, we offer efficient supply chain systems in tune with originating demand with over more than 27 domestic distribution channels, as well as 10 Toll manufacturing sites world wide and the opportunity to improve value with a one-stop-shop approach.
20MICRONS GLOBAL's Application laboratory  offers first-class facilities with market-focused expertise. Our technical services teams can help you with innovative formulations, ingredient combinations and chemical blends, bringing all of our experience to help you create the properties and characteristics you are aiming for.

Specialized Additives and Pigments

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
Matting Agents

Fumed Silica
Aluminium Past & Powder
Zinc Dust

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